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Achieve an Excellent Irrigation System With Our Quality Landscaping Services

Trees, grass, flowers, and other plants require the right amount of water to survive and bloom. If they don’t have what they need, they’ll become thin and unhealthy, just like other living things. Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to distribute water? You should book our exemplary irrigation services in Holbrook, NY. With Pasteles Landscaping as your quality landscaping specialist, you will soon enjoy a thriving and colorful garden.

Putting your trust in our irrigation assistance will give you the chance to enjoy these:

Impeccable Installation Work

After you hire our professionals, the first step is to plan the system you want. We will carefully mark the location of buried cables before calculating the size of your yard with a tape measure. Our team will also determine the sprinkler’s coverage and measure the water pressure. Once we accomplish that, we will access the waterline. It is the most sensible technique to ensure water for your irrigation system. After that, we will start digging the trenches with the use of top-quality equipment. Then, we will establish the valve manifold. To secure it, we will tighten the clamps. After running the PVC pipe, we will install the new sprinkler heads. After we install the controller, you are ready to enjoy your new water distribution system.

Investment-Worthy and Dependable Assistance

We never want our clients to encounter poor quality work performances from our quality landscaping experts. We guarantee that your time and money will be worth it with our help. Why? Because we will use only the safest and most exceptional tools and equipment. We will utilize top-notch shovels, timers, vibratory plows, shears to trim long grass around the installation spot, poly pipe cutters, PVC valves, PVC pipes, PVC connectors, sprinkler heads, safety gloves, and masks. We’ll do what we can to ensure your sprinkler system works as it should.

If you need a quality landscaping service, you should choose Pasteles Landscaping as your specialist. We help property owners in Holbrook, NY achieve a well-functioning irrigation system. For inquiries and bookings, please call (631) 295-3921.

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