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Our Affordable Landscaping Service Also Includes Planting Assistance

A glorious landscape will never be complete without healthy, beautiful, and colorful shrubberies and flowers. If you are a property owner in Holbrook, NY who wants to create a more captivating garden, you should book our top-quality planting services. Pasteles Landscaping provides an affordable landscaping service for clients in the city. We will plant your favorite varieties. Your landscape will look remarkable with us on the case.

Schedule our service, and we will do these for you:

Professional Planting Methods

As proficient landscapers, we are knowledgeable about efficacious and superb techniques when it comes to installing new shrubberies for your garden. First and foremost, we can pick out purposeful and aesthetically pleasing trees and plants. We can also help you experiment with different annuals that will make your garden pop. After choosing good-quality seeds and seedlings, we will perform proper soil preparation. We’ll make sure it is well-draining for your new plants. We will loosen the soil, remove any rocks, eliminate weeds, and add compost if necessary. After that, we will dig a hole twice the size of the plant’s container. Once that step is complete, we’ll place the plants carefully and add stability to them.

Use Exceptional Tools and Supplies

For our affordable landscaping service, we always use quality equipment and supplies. We don’t want our customers to waste their time and money. You can depend on us for top-class seeds, seedlings, flower containers, pots, rakes, shovels, fertilizers, hand trowels, secateurs, hoes, garden gloves, spades, spray containers, digging forks, garden sprinklers. We will use these tools to deliver a clean and eye-catching outcome for your lovely new flowers, trees, and other plants.

The affordable landscaping service provider you are looking for is Pasteles Landscaping. You can count on our experts in Holbrook, NY to help you establish the new shrubberies around your landscape. For bookings and questions, dial (631) 295-3921.

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