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Our Lawn Cleanup Service Will Produce a Pleasing Garden

Keeping the yard spic and span is a factor of a welcoming and presentable property. If you don’t have enough time and energy to handle the task yourself, you should schedule our exemplary lawn cleanup service in Holbrook, NY. We are the landscapers who always aim to deliver a spotless outcome. Trust Pasteles Landscaping to make your lawn neat, and we will do what we can to satisfy you as our customer.

You will enjoy these if you book our service today:

Problem-Free CleanUp Work

Our techniques and methods for this task are safe, reliable, and effective. First and foremost, we will remove the debris, garbage, trash, large rocks, dead twigs, old branches, plastics, bottles, and other elements. Then, we will cautiously rake the dead leaves before we perform aeration to enable your lawn to breathe. After that, we will spread a thin layer of peat moss over it. It will help strengthen the turf and ward off garden diseases and weed growth. Of course, a happy lawn is free of weeds, so we will extract them from the roots to stop their development. Eliminating pesky weeds will help produce a cleaner and more presentable landscape. Finally, we will gather all the trash and take it away. We will also provide pest control if necessary.

Equipped Professionals

The best thing about our lawn cleanup service is that we never allow our customers to get poor-quality assistance from us. We know that it’s essential to use the appropriate tools and equipment for the job. We use quality rakes, aerators, mowers, trimmers, loppers, weed extractors, leaf blowers, trash bins, safety masks, gloves, garden forks, eye protection, shovels, and spray bottles containing solutions to help us with our work. With the use of these supplies, we will make your yard cleaner, fresher, and more welcoming for your guests, friends, and family members.

Turn to our lawn cleanup service in Holbrook, NY to enjoy excellent results. Pasteles Landscaping is the specialist you need for smooth and stress-free assistance. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at (631) 295-3921. We’ll be glad to answer your queries.

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